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Welcome to National Restaurant Week Association

Empowering Culinary Celebrations

We provide support and resources to Restaurant Week event planners across the nation.

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About National Restaurant Week Association

Our Mission

National Restaurant Week Association was established with the primary aim to enhance the execution and impact of Restaurant Week events around the country. We offer a platform where event planners can share knowledge, discuss best practices, and establish connections with potential sponsors. By maintaining a strong and vibrant community, we aspire to uplift the overall quality of these nationwide culinary celebrations.

Our Journey
Established with the goal to fuel the success of Restaurant Week events across the nation, we have been focusing on providing comprehensive resources and encouraging knowledge sharing among event organizers. We are committed to nurturing a flourishing community that places value on collaboration, learning, and growth.
Our Community
We aim to create an ecosystem that connects organizers, sponsors, and culinary enthusiasts. Through creating such networks, we strive to offer a pool of resources that lead to fruitful and impactful collaborations, thereby ensuring the success of every Restaurant Week event.
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Our Features

Dynamic Features

Our strong features equip Restaurant Week planners to optimize their events. Ranging from expert advice to networking opportunities, each feature has been designed with our mission to bring culinary celebrations to the forefront nationwide.

Networking Platform

We offer a unique platform to foster connections between event planners and potential sponsors, facilitating sustainable collaborations.

Expert Resources

Our reliable resources and wealth of expertise guide organizers in making their events a grand success.

Knowledge Sharing

We encourage an exchange of ideas and experiences among event planners, leading to shared learning and growth.

Event Support

From inception to execution, we extend our support to ensure seamless organization of your Restaurant Week events.

Nationwide Impact

Our mission drives us to enhance the quality and reach of Restaurant Week events all across the country.

Community Focus

At the heart of our work is a thriving community of foodies, event planners, and sponsors, all working together to elevate culinary celebrations.


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We're here to provide the support and resources you need for successful Restaurant Week events. Get in touch with us to learn more or join our community.

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Contact Information

PO Box 5150, Bonita Springs, FL 34135